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City Council

Mayor – Frank Janakovic (D), Deputy Mayor – Michael Capriotti (D), Ricky Britt (D), Rev. Sylvia King (D), Marie Mock(D), Laura Huchel (D), Charles Arnone (R)

Frank J. Janakovic

As the elected leader of Council and Mayor of the City of Johnstown, I will be committed to the following goals for our community:

  • Provide leadership and professionalism in conducting City Council Meetings.
  • Work with Council and the City Manager to create a climate of integrity and responsiveness in city government.
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility as a basic tenant of our city government.
  • Promote a positive sense of community and be a spokesperson for all of the attributes of our community.
  • Work with the citizens and business community on projects to improve the social, cultural and economic health of our community and our region.
"My vision of a future Johnstown is one where families and businesses choose Johnstown to live and prosper in a safe, healthy, and vibrant environment. I look forward to working together to help our community grow economically, enhance our quality of life, and build a strong vibrant region that will flourish and prosper."