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City Council

Citizens are welcome and encouraged to contact members of City Council with concerns:


Mayor – Frank Janakovic ([email protected])
Deputy Mayor – Michael Capriotti ([email protected])
Ricky Britt ([email protected])
Rev. Sylvia King ([email protected])
Marie Mock ([email protected])
Laura Huchel ([email protected])
Charles Arnone ([email protected])

Frank J. Janakovic

As the elected leader of Council and Mayor of the City of Johnstown, I will be committed to the following goals for our community:

  • Provide leadership and professionalism in conducting City Council Meetings.
  • Work with Council and the City Manager to create a climate of integrity and responsiveness in city government.
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility as a basic tenant of our city government.
  • Promote a positive sense of community and be a spokesperson for all of the attributes of our community.
  • Work with the citizens and business community on projects to improve the social, cultural and economic health of our community and our region.
"My vision of a future Johnstown is one where families and businesses choose Johnstown to live and prosper in a safe, healthy, and vibrant environment. I look forward to working together to help our community grow economically, enhance our quality of life, and build a strong vibrant region that will flourish and prosper."