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Special Units

 Contact 814-472-2100

Detectives from this bureau are assigned to investigate all major felony offenses including homicide, arson, burglary, robbery, rape, child abuse and white-collar crimes. Furthermore, they are responsible for investigating all drug concerns.

BCI is comprised of four detectives and a detective Sergeant that have received specialized training in:

  • crime scene processing
  • interview & interrogation
  • drug investigation
  • crisis negotiations
  • arson detection & investigation
  • child abuse investigation
  • homicide investigation

BCI is constantly exploring and developing more effective investigative techniques to address violent crime.

BCI is proud to serve this community and asks the public for assistance in solving crime. If you have any information about a crime, the Detectives would like to hear from you. You can remain anonymous by calling 814-472-2100 and requesting to speak to an officer.  You can also call BCI directly, to speak to a detective.

The K9 corps consists of 3 officer/handlers who are assigned canine partners. The canines used by the JPD are mostly Belgian Malinois.

K9 teams are authorized to respond wherever and whenever they are needed. These teams often participate in specialized training, public events, self initiated patrols, and render assistance to state and county law enforcement officers in the Johnstown area.

The Patrol Division makes up the largest unit within the Johnstown Police Department. At present, 30 members of the Police Department are assigned to this important unit. The Patrol Division is the most visual part of our department and interacts with the citizens of our community on a daily basis. Patrol officers can be seen conducting foot patrols throughout the city and building positive relationships with the citizens of Johnstown.  Our patrol officers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year regardless of the nature or conditions of the call for service. The Johnstown Police Department is also contracted and provides services for the Johnstown Housing Authority (JHA), Middle Taylor Township, West Taylor Township and Dale Borough.

Cambria County SERT Team is a support unit made up of personnel from the Johnstown Police Department as well as other departments throughout the County.  SERT stands for Special Emergency Response Team. This specialized team is needed to respond to situations which require equipment and trained tactics which are beyond patrols capabilities. SERT responds to on average 100 missions a year.


These include Barricaded Individuals, Hostage Rescue, Dignitary Protection, Surveillance, High Risk Warrant Service, Counter Terrorism, Tactical Support to high attendance events such as Thunder in the Valley, and Tactical Support to Local/State/Federal Agencies. Team is divided into Command, Entry, Long Rifle, TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medical Services) and Negotiations.


The goal of the SERT is to save lives, and officers within the unit routinely go above and beyond to accomplish their objective. SERT is dedicated to a high level of professionalism through constant and realistic training. Officers are trained through and hold certifications from the National Tactical Officers Association and Pennsylvania Tactical Officers Association.  Several Officers on the team are certified instructors in a multitude of subjects. Officers must maintain a consistent and elevated level of proficiency with all weapons platforms.  In addition officers have a high degree of competence with myriad of high tech equipment.


In 2013, Region 13 assisted in the purchasing of a Lenco BearCat. The tactical armored vehicle is outfitted with rifle-resistant armor.  The armor is applied to the roof and floor which provides enhanced blast and fragmentation protection.  Ballistic glass windows also offer multi-hit defeat.   BearCat protects access and egress of officers who go in as a part of rescue parties, or allow officers to safely enter a scene- delivering the team safely to and from a location.


Early in 2014 SERT welcomed Tactical Dispatchers to the Command Staff. These Dispatchers, hand picked for their expertise from the ranks of Department of Emergency Services, operate the Mobile Command Post at all SERT callouts.  Currently Cambria County SERT is the only team in Western Pennsylvania to have TDs integrated into a tactical team.


The team fosters positive interaction with children by attending numerous community event.