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Sanitary Sewer System Information

The City of Johnstown sold the Sanitary Sewer System the Greater Johnstown Water Authority in June of 2020.  The Greater Johnstown Water Authority now manages the Sanitary Sewer System in the City of Johnstown.  For more information please call the Greater Johnstown Water Authority at 814-533-4300 or go to their web site

Emergency Information:

If you witness an existing or potential threat to our waterways, in the form of pollution, sediment, runoff, or stream degradation, contact authorities immediately! Hesitation could lead to long lasting or even irreversible damage to the native habitat.

Preventing damage to our local ecosystems is the duty of all of our citizens!

Emergency Numbers:

  • DEP Southwest Region:  412-442-4000
  • PFBC Pollution Hotline: 855-347-4545 (FISHKILL)
  • PFBC Southwest Regional Office: 814-445-8974
  • Cambria County Conservation District: 814-472-2120
  • Emergency 911