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Fire Department

 Contact: (814) 539-0889  Ext. 200

Mission Statement

Since 1906 the City of Johnstown Fire Department has been protecting the lives and property of the Greater Johnstown community. We provide a wide range of fire, rescue, and non-emergency services. Our department is made up of 28 full-time and 5 part-time highly trained, dedicated professionals

Members of the Johnstown Fire Department continually strive to further their knowledge and skills to better serve the citizens of this area. In addition to responding to emergencies the Fire Department also provides specialized services. We are available to respond to situations involving Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescues as well as having a boat available for Swift Water and Ice Rescues

To help further knowledge about fire safety, the department also provides station tours and fire safety presentations. An electronic fire extinguisher simulator is available for fire safety training upon request and can be delivered to your location.

The City of Johnstown Fire Department is just one of the many organizations working together to help the City maintain a Friendly, Safe and Clean environment for its residents.

For more information about any aspect of our department, please contact the Office of the Fire Chief at

 (814) 539-0889 ext. 200.