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Join the Vision 2025

We have studied, talked, listened, and asked what we as a community
can do to move Johnstown forward.  Together, we have created Vision
2025. You are invited to review its findings, learn of next steps and
how our community can take them together.

Vision 2025 is a community-based effort that has created a vision
around bettering our community through a strategic focus around three
core areas: a vibrant local economy, life-sustaining landscapes, and
a strong sense of community, all guided by an inclusive good governance

Visioning is the first step in seeing where to go and deciding how to
get there. It’s working in large places such as Pittsburgh and in
smaller Pennsylvania communities such as Media. Now is the time for

The project team gathered information and input from a number of
sources, including a community priority survey conducted through the
Johnstown Tribune-Democrat in September of 2014, community planning
documents, interviews with over two dozen community leaders and
facilitated listening sessions with over 100 additional community


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