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Parks & Playgrounds

Mission: The City of Johnstown Recreation Department is dedicated to providing superior quality recreation programs and services to all residents of the area regardless of age, economic or social status.  Through our programs, we seek to strengthen families, promote wellness, build self-esteem and enhance the quality of life for all of the participants in our community.  We will strive to maintain and improve all of our facilities to keep them safe and enjoyable for all, as well as preserve and promote the appreciation of our history.

Contact: (814) 533-2089


Stackhouse Park

Stackhouse Park is a wooded park with over 277 acres and 7 miles of biking and hiking trails and the summer home of Shakespeare in the Park. Stackhouse Park is located between the City of Johnstown and Westmont Borough.


The City offers 14 playgrounds in various neighborhoods throughout the City. The City’s Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of these areas.

If you would like to report a safety or maintenance issue please call (814) 533-2089.

Bheam School Playground (Morrellville) Location: J Street & Fairfield Avenue Basketball court and skate park
Dorothy & Harold Street Playground (Oakhurst) 2 play structures, swings, and pavilion
Oakhurst Playground 3 play structures, swings, basketball court, and pavilion
Cambria City Playground Location: 8th Ave & Broad Street 2 play structures and a pavilion
Washington School Playground (Prospect) Location: Ebensburg Road 2 play structures and swings
Iolite Avenue Playground (Woodvale) Location: Iolite Ave & Graywood St. 1 play structure and basketball court
Somerset Street Playground (Kernville) 1 play structure and paved hockey lot
Maple Park Playgound (Walnut Grove) Location: Jacoby Street 1 play structure, pavilion, swings, and a basketball court
Cedar & Wood Street Playground (Hornerstown) 1 play structure, 1 pavilion, swings, paved hockey court, basketball court, and courtyard
Woodland Playground (Moxham) Location: Forest & Village Streets Large wooden play structure and multiple swings
Edson & Akers Street Playground (8th Ward) 2 play structures, pavilion, swings, and half basketball court
Crooked Place Playground (Old Conemaugh Boro) 1 full basketball court and half basketball court
Roxbury Park Playground Integrated playground structures, 2 swings, and rubber surface
Park & Bond Playground (Moxham) Play structure, swings, 2 basketball courts and 1 pavilion

Sandyvale Memorial Gardens & Dog Park


Sandyvale is a pioneer cemetery that was developed by the Horner family and used by many first families when the City of Johnstown, Pennsylvania was established in 1800. The veteran’s graves date from the Revolutionary War through World War II. Sandyvale has been a part of the fabric of the City and region for over two centuries. In the early years it provided a gathering place for many community civic and social events. It was a beautiful green spot in the pioneer days but with the industrial era and the development of the steel mills and plants and the birth of the railroad access to this industry, it came to be an area that was isolated and forgotten, sustaining extensive flood damage and neglect for many years.

Currently the site is 10.6 acres of flat grassy lawn and is the last large open green space in inner city Johnstown.

A Master Plan program has been coordinated by the renowned design and landscape architectural firm of Marshall – Tyler – Rausch, LLC to preserve this historic location creating a beautiful, thriving, self-sustaining memorial botanical garden.


The following are goals related to the development of The Sandyvale Memorial Garden & Dog Park in the Hornerstown neighborhood of the City of Johnstown:
  • To develop the site of The Sandyvale Cemetery as a memorial garden and dog park, embracing local sentiment, appropriate design, sound planting and landscaping theory and practice — thematically designed and planned.
  • Construction of a greenhouse/conservatory and classroom area to conduct hands-on training for students, facilities for technicians, and workshops/seminars on horticulture for volunteers and the general public including the physically challenged.
  • To coordinate the implementation of the gardens project with existing and/or proposed open space, trail, historical and recreational facilities within the area, recognizing and building upon the linkages and interrelationships with these other projects.
  • The appropriate incorporation of statuary, fountains, water features, benches, gazebos, garden ornaments, and walking bridges.
  • To accommodate the horticultural interests of professional and private citizens, i.e. master gardeners, instructors, youth/student and volunteer groups as well as the general public.
  • To attract private, public and foundation assistance in the development and maintenance of the memorial garden facility.
  • The development of a visitor’s center and memorial wall honoring former citizens and veterans including family information, historical photographs of the era and memorabilia of Sandyvale, the City and region as relates to its history.
  • The tasteful, artful and sensitive use of remaining grave stones within the gardens in concert with the concept of Garden Cemeteries.
  • The delineation of activities and services, which would serve the region, again sensitive to the original use of the site.

Berkley Hills Golf Course

A 9-hole par 35 course located in Johnstown, at 361 Goucher Street.  Owned by the City of Johnstown and operated by The Royal Berkshire Inc.,  Phone 814-288-2513 for Tee times and green fees.