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Mayor speaks at 2023 Brownfields Conference

Mayor Frank Janakovic was invited to participate in the Mayors Roundtable Discussion at the 2023 Brownfields Conference on Aug. 9th in Detroit, MI. Mayor Janakovic presented to an audience of 2,500+ the projects, funding accomplishments, and work being done by the City of Johnstown and partners to revitalize our community. He was joined by mayors from Kenosha, WI, Smithers, WV, Meadville, PA and Jackson, MI.

The session focused on the many positive and community-altering effects of transforming blighted brownfields, attaining equitable growth through renewal initiatives, integrating green, climate-smart and environmentally sustainable strategies into communities, and encouraging professionals in all forms of government and the private sector, as well as citizens, to commit themselves to sustainable, equitable, and just community revitalization.

The annual National Brownfields Training conference is the largest event in the country centered on environmental revitalization and economic development, held by the EPA and ICMA. It brings together thousands of government professionals, stakeholders, and private sector organizations working toward sustainable and equitable redevelopment in their communities.