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Shade Tree Commission

Tree Permit Ordinance 2019

The City of Johnstown Shade Tree Commission is composed of seven members that include the City Manager and a representative from Public Works.  This commission has the authority for regulating the planting, maintenance and removal of trees, on public and city owned streets.   Any Utility, Business, or Private individual must have approval from the Shade Tree Commission before planting, pruning, or removal of any tree, on a public or city owned street.

It is the mission of the Johnstown Shade Tree Commission to protect and preserve the urban canopy, of the city of Johnstown.  We can not complete our mission without your help.  If you wish to perform any work, on any trees, on city property, please file for a permit with the Shade Tree Commission through Public Works office.

You can pick up a Tree Permit at City Hall, 401 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Room 200
or fax by calling 814-533-2061.

The purpose of this application and the permit is to allow the review of the work to be performed by the commission and our arborist.  We perform this function to ensure concurrency with the commissions mastery forestry plan.  Proper pruning and appropriate species replanting can decrease maintenance cost and increase sustainability.

The commission meets the second Tuesday of every month, at 3:00 pm, in the Public Safety Building, 4th floor, Council Chambers.  We will review applications during these meetings; these meetings are open to the public.  If there is a safety concern that poses a threat to public safety, such as wind or lighting damage, the director of Public Works or the City Manager may approve work to remedy immediate danger
to public safety.

Remember, the Shade Tree Commission is a volunteer commission, made up of your neighbors, who have an interest in helping our city and are here to help you.